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There ARE quick welding jobs. They are just not common.
A good weld is any weld that holds for a long time, even "gorilla welds". There is a hundred ways to cook poodle, but it all tastes like chicken. Sometimes you have to just make what you have work.
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Gunner Asch on Mon, 07 Jun 2010 15:35:24 -0700 typed in rec.crafts.metalworking the following:
You're the welder. "There ain' no such thing as a free lunch, a short beer, or a quick welding job."
Sometimes the simplest instructions lead to the longest work. Fix the car. Clean the garage. Weld a bracket onto the trailer. And sometimes the longer the instruction, the simpler the job. "Clean up these two plate edges, then butt weld them together, Use the Mig Welder an the #32 Johnson rod to do it, set to high." 'zip buzz, done!"
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pyotr filipivich
Yesterday, I welded a stand for a wall mounted industrial fan so that I could have it stand on the floor instead of hanging on the wall. That was a quick 20 minute welding job. I made it from a 1/2" NPT pipe.
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"Larry Jaques" wrote
My alternative would have been to use 3/32" 6011, stinger negative, run downhill.
And I'd bet I'd be finished before Gunner had his welder running.
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Steve B
Which welder?
Now granted you are a pro welder, but Im not all that shabby for an amature..and Ive got 3 welders already plugged in under the welding bench....
Miller Dialarc 250/stick, DanMig 150/mig, and the Airco 300 Squarewave/tig/stick
And Id have run either wire, or 3/32 6011, run downhill, at about 65 amps
Now if it were away from the welding shop....I could use the 1943 Hobart 300 amp DC stick, the Ranger 9, (mig/stick/tig) or the little Lincoln Weldpack 100, 110vt mig.
The Miller 35 with the Cobra Husky wire feeder on it would not have worked...shrug..Its got a 12" spool of 4043 on it and the Miller 35 with the steel wire in down in LA in my buddies shop, along with the Esab 250 SquareWave stick/tig
But..its true, you likely would have finished before I did, and the resulting bead would have been w work of art.
Im just a dauber and you are a pro.
Tipping my hat to you!!
Gunner, who was welding Unistrut conduit supports all over the framework inside of a Butler building today with the little Weldpac 100, while balanced on the forks of a forklift run by my wife. With no injuries!! Well..not counting that hot blob that went down the front of my shirt and took up residence in my belly button.....Crom but I hate fluxcore.....
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Gunner Asch

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