Can bearings be directional?

I called an internet supplier about a riding mower bearing - long story. When I gave him the existing part number it included a NL in the identification. He proceeded to tell me that meant it was meant for left hand rotation and would not work on my right hand application. This does not jive with anything I thought I knew about bearings, I even mentioned just turning the bearing upside down. This fella was adamant he was correct.

I didn't buy the bearing from him. Are any bearings directional?

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On Sep 14, 5:54=A0am, "DanG" wrote: =A0This does not jive with anything I thought I knew

There are one way clutches that look like a needle bearing.


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On Sun, 14 Sep 2008 07:54:53 -0500, with neither quill nor qualm, "DanG" quickly quoth:

Tapered roller bearings are situationally but not rotationally directional. Sprag clutches are the only type of bearing I've ever seen which are rotationally directional.

Pressure dam bearings are actually bushings, or journal bearings. A notch in their surface collects oil to form pressure only when the shaft rotates that direction.

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Larry Jaques

When I saw you had responded, I would have bet that you were going to say that "bearings ARE directional...they only go in a circular direction." You disappointed me with your thoughtful, intelligent response...don't do that too often, people will think you're normal.

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Tom Gardner

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