Looking for someone who can broach Grob splines

Anyone reading this have the confirmed ability to broach Grob splines?
I've got a quote request for the person(s) who can... But be aware that
it's in steel and/or alumi-bronze.
Joe Agro, Jr.
(800) 871-5022
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Joe AutoDrill
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Aluminum bronze reminds me of a story.
Years ago I bought two blocks of "brass" at Boeing Surplus. Had them for years and one day decided to make a little steam/compressed air engine. I laid out the cuts on the brass block and started to cut with a hand hack saw. Strange, not cutting much. So, put in a new blade. Cuts better for a while, then not so much. Hmmm. Must be cheap saw blades. So, change blades again. Same story. Don't understand this. Finally, got the part cut out that I wanted and began to mill it to size. Seemed to mill ok. Went ahead and completed the steam engine. The brass was for the cylinder.
Several months later my brother, Curt, and family and his wife's family visited for Christmas. I was telling Curt's father-in-law about my little engine and mentioned my struggle with sawing the brass. Now, Lloyd was a retired, self-taught, machinist. Worked at it for years in Portland. He kind of laughed and asked me to get the brass and let him see it. I did and he laughed some more. That is "aluminum bronze" for bearings". He was not at all surprised at my difficulty.
I still have the two blocks and have not tried using it for any other projects.
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When I was in the Air Force aluminum bronze was commonly used to make bushings for airplanes. We commonly used it for anything that called for "yellow metal". One of the lads even made rings out of it and while TDY to Okinawa discovered that the girls down on the strip would do almost anything for one of his "gold rings". He apparently spent much of his tour ring making. Said he saved a lot of money doing it :-)
John B.
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