Can you?

Can you connect a 220 volt 3 phase 15 horse VFD to 220 Volt single phase
mains then drive a 550 volt 3 phase 5 horse mill through a 220 volt to
550 volt 3 phase 3 KVA (?) transformer, providing that you set and lock
the VFD at 100% and never change it?
I was asked and I said yes.
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I don't know, the Allen Bradley materials want you to go RIGHT to a motor. The other consideration I would have is that I've read you cannot drive a welder with a VFD. A 5 HP motor would also require more than 3 KVA.
I would consider a rotary phase converter or getting a 550 volt VFD.
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Yes I see what you are getting at but he has the stuff that was described and we are trying to confirm that what we are planning will work.
ATP wrote:
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I suspect the 400 V 15+ KHz square waves will cause all sorts of problems with the transformer. You might be able to use a (big) series reactor to keep the PWM carrier out of the transformer, but without it there is bound to be excessive eddy heating of the transformer windings and maybe the core, too.
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Jon Elson
Thanks Jon
I'll pass that info along to my friend. He has an electronics genius type friend who is will be able to sort out how that could be done.
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