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I need to make a charcoal rack for a big burner. The thing will be about 2 x 3 feet. A couple have been made before, and they deform hideously. What would be good materials to make them from? I got some HEAVY expanded metal, but want to build a dirt screen out of that. I have some light stuff, but I know that will deform. And I have several modern bed rail frames (angle) that might work if I put enough struts in the thing.

What would you use? This is just for cooking burgers and franks, about four hours at a time, don't need nothing costly or fancy, just get tired of this POS we got.


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Welded steel deck grating.

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I have a piece I throw in the back of the truck for when I go camping. I got it at a scrap yard. The piece I have was zinc plated so I burned it off by getting it red hot in an open fire in the yard. So far it has lasted about 20 years of light usage. Scrounge the stuff at a scrapper and replace as needed.

Paul K. Dickman

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Paul K. Dickman

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