stainless peg-board-like product?

I once found a piece of flat stainless sheet that had holes punched or
drilled into it about 3/16 inch or so, about 1/16 inch apart, to make
a screen of sorts.
It was a small piece I think from some sort of cooking machine
I have a need for something like this and was wondering if anyone
knows what this product might be called or where something like this
can be got?
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It is called perforated metal and one source is
formatting link

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Randal O'Brian
In a kitchen I worked in we had trays made like that inside the dish machine to catch stuff that may fall in. These were about 6x14 inches each. We also had a few veggie steaming trays that were similar, but thinner plate and larger dimensions. Look around for a restaurant going out of business.
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That's it exactly! Thanks very much.
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