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Hi all

I just purchased an assortment of MRR epuipment and can identify most of it, but need help with the following items.

Actually I know what the items are but I need to know which scale they're in. Any help would be appreaciated.

Life-Like working scale model Light-Ups Street light #1208 (3 in a pack.....2 1/4 inches tall )

Life-Like working scale model Light-Ups Highway light #1506 (3 in a pack......4 1/2 inches tall)

Life-Like working scale model Light-Ups Spotlights #1209 (2 in a pack.....1 3/4 inches tall)


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Sally Mander
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According to Walther's they're all HO scale.

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Denys Tull

Thanks for the info. The Life-Like website is just about worthless. I'll check out the Walthers site more in the future.

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Sally Mander

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