Little River Locomotive Co.

Does any one know what became of Little River Locomotive Co., AKA Little River Press??? A year ago they were advertising regularly in all the RR hobby mags, offering reprints of great-sounding steam loco books. I got one of their catalogs, but when I went to order, both their "old" website

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and their "new" site
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were gone. I tried e-mail, got no reply. I left a message at the phone number, got no reply from that either.

I Googled them back in November and found a third site at

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that looked like it was operational at the time, but since then it says "closed for maint." I was leery about ordering when I found it, since the phone and email wasn't working.

Does anybody know what happened to them? Does anyone have any experience oredering from them? If they're out of business, does anyone know what became of their books?


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