Chrome Finish

I have a brush bar for the front of my truck which has a bit of rust...I was
wondering if any of you folks know of a quick and easy way to remove the
chrome finish all together???
So let's hear your suggestions folks. I am in dire need here!!
Thanks a heck of a lot!!! Rob
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Cheryl and Rob
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maybe muriatic acid................I am thinking that might get me down to the nickel
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Cheryl and Rob
The only practical way to do it on something that large is to take it to a plating shop and have it stripped electrolytically.
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Randal O'Brian
You might try sand (media) blasting, it may work. I've stripped old chrome on small parts in my bead blast cabinet.
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When I needed to do this I Googled the group and found a post that said muriatic acid heated to 150F would strip it. I tried it and it does work. However HCl at 150F is _really_ nasty stuff!! You need a respirator at the minimum and preferably stay out of the fumes altogether. And don't do it anywhere near anything that can rust!
Also, your brush bar would need to be immersed in the acid, which would be quite a bit of acid. And heating that much acid would be a problem.
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Bob Engelhardt

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