Clausing 13x36

Any comments on a Clausing 13x36 lathe. It has the variable speed drive and
seems to be in decent shape. It's model 5914.
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Clif Holland
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There is one of those in the Dallas classifieds for $1500, with accessories & tooling. Don't know the condition.
||Any comments on a Clausing 13x36 lathe. It has the variable speed drive and ||seems to be in decent shape. It's model 5914. || ||-- || ||Clif Holland, KA5IPF ||
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Texas Parts Guy
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Rex B
I have a 24" bed model that I am reasonably happy with -- though I think the 36" model you are speaking of would be better. I'd call it a 12 inch swing, however.
Parts are still available, though pricey.
The hydraulically actuated variable speed is a bit problamatic. I am seriously considering replacing with a DC variable speed motor and fixed ratio sheaves.
Flame hardened ways seem to be very durable.
LOO spindle seems OK, but not as common as some others. A lot better than a threaded spindle, however. I bought mine a few years ago for about $2K with a lot of tooling -- chucks, face plates, 5C collet closer and collets, quick change tool post, etc. I figured it was a reasonable deal, but probably not a steal.
My thoughts -- for what they are worth, Mill
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MP Toolman
These sometimes have problems with the variable speed mechanism, especially the ones in which the variable speed pulleys are hydraulically controlled.
If rebuilt in time, just a new set of seals in the cylinders and a new set of bushings in the variable-speed pulleys should do it. If too late, it can be a lot more expensive.
I have the belt-change 5814 instead (12x24"), and am very pleased with it. (And a repair for a totally messed-up hydraulic variable speed system could be manual change pulleys and a VFD and three-phase motor to allow tuning over a reasonable range without having to shift belts.
The lathe comes with flame-hardened ways, which should minimize wear -- unless it was being (ab)used with a toolpost grinder and very little protection.
And -- Clausing is still in business, and will sell you a photocopy of the manual for a reasonable price -- keyed to the model number and serial number which you give them. And for free with that will come a list of the parts which are still in stock, with prices.
Good Luck, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
I've got a 5914 and its a nice machine, not a showpiece but a good solid lathe. Way better than anything from china. Most parts, except for big castings, are still available for them from Clausing, and unlike chinese machines the parts actually fit when they arrive.
The vari-speed systems work well if you maintain them, but if you don't keep a close eye on them you can be in for some expensive parts replacements, but at least you can still get the parts. The vari-speed systems are also noisy, even when working well. There's plenty of tooling for the L-00 spindle available used and new.
I replaced the vari-speed on my machine with a VFD based direct drive. I really like it, with the back gears I've got plenty of power at any speed I need and the machines really quiet now, and the motor's seeing true 3 phase even though I only have single phase in the shop. There's a Clausing group on Yahoo, and I put notes there in the Files section on how I converted mine to VFD, including parts numbers. Its an easy conversion, the spindle already has a toothed belt pulley on it, so you just yank out the complete vari-speed system, make a motor plate that sits on the original motor brackets (raised up and flipped upside down), and put a toothed hub on the motor. Wire the VFD directly to the motor and use the original forward reverse switch to feed the forward/stop/reverse terminals on the VFD and you're done.
Good luck-
Paul T.
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Paul T.
I have a 5914. Besides the online advice to look for a lathe with little bed wear, I would add, look for original paint. They are for sale on Ebay often enough, but shipping is as much as the lathe.
Clif Holland wrote:
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Clark Magnuson
If you are in California, I have a tooled 13x36 Clausing Colechester gear head for sale. Has some bed wear which might indicate a bed grind, but for the price Im asking, you can have it reground and have one hell of a machine for less than $1500
Not variable speed. Hummm 6225 IRRC..the Master Mk 1
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$800 takes it, the 3 and 4 jaw chucks, 6 & 13" drive plates, taper attachment, steady and follower rests, hand wheel collet closer, 5c spindle nose adapter etc etc.
Since I got the big 15x48 Mod 1500, this is surplus to my needs, though it actually is the better made machine.
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I have a 5914 and like it a lot more than the Craftsman 12x36 used previously.
As others have mentioned, pay particular attention to the condition of the hydraulic vari-speed system, especially the motor pulley, which may need disassembly to check thoroughly. A significant wobble on the small rod that sticks out of the LH pedestal could be a bad sign, but some wobble appears to be normal. The motor pulley is around $900 to replace, but I've found other parts quite reasonable.
Included tooling can make a big difference in the value. I've spent nearly as much on a steady rest , follower rest, and taper attachment as the lathe itself.
Mike, near Chicago
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Mike Henry
really anything to wear but the seals and o-rings. Mine went south, I carefully disassembled both units and took them down to my local o-ring and hose supplier, as I remember there were 3 o-rings and one seal involved for a total cost of about $1.25 and the guy installed everything. Change the hydraulic oil so you know that it's clean.
Ed Angell
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Ed Angell

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