band saw plans

looking for a set of plans to buid your own a band saw.

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How hard did you look for some? Search google for "bandsaw plans" and the first link will look pretty good.

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E. Walter Le Roy

All I did when I built my bandsaw was tol ook at some commercially made bandsaws take ome measurements and go from there......

You can see my home brew bandsaw on my website, under my "Projects Page"........I made a 20" 3 wheeled vari speed metal cutting bandsaw, which is also capable of being used for higher sfm and cutting wood just fine, by upping adjusting the upper limits of the speed pot. I normally have it set about 1/4 of the way tomax as most of my cutting of metals fall into the lower sfm range. So far its worked flawlessly and there is nothing I would change if I was to do it again other than perhaps the door and panel locking devices. I had some 1/4 turn handles I intended to use, but among all the junk I had coold not find them when I needed them....but it would be easy to change later on once they happen to resurface amongst all my junk...

A good source for wheels are inside those exercycle type exercise machines if you have a lathe or access to a lathe large enough to machine them, as they average 16 to 20 inches. I did not have access to a large enough lathe so I cast my own wheels, and they work just fine. You can usually get these exercise machines for free if yuou look hard enough... Visit my website:

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