Cleaning ways of Harig Surface Grinder

A few years ago, a co-worker of mine put grease on the ways of our
surface grinder. (I know...stupid mistake) He didn't take off the top
section that the magnetic chuck sets on. He simply applied grease by
hand from underneath. When I started to use the machine manually, it
was very difficult to operate longitudinally. After he realized his
mistake, he cleaned off all that he could and placed the correct oil on
to it through the resevoir. It has been fine ever since.
However, there is a new guy in the shop now. And he suggests that we
take off the top section to clean the ways because the ways are dirty
due to the residue that's left over from the grease. I disagree with
him on this issue. I'm thinking that all of the left over grease is
collecting outside of the ways when the machine is running
longitudinally. While its running, it seems like the grease would work
its way out. Plus, there is an automatic oiler that constantly
supplies oil to the ways and recirculates. I could be wrong in not
taking the top section off. I don't know for sure. I just know that
this could be a big unnecessary job.
Has anybody got any advice?
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