cleanup buggerred theads

I've got an axle and nut that I've managed to bugger the threads by beating on it too hard. It took a two foot pipe wrench and a four foot cheater to turn it off. Its about a two inch diameter by 20 TPI thread. I need to clean up both the axle and the nut.


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Karl Townsend
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good luck


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Nate Nagel

Last resort use a 1/4 20 or any tap with a 20 tpi and work it aroung the buggered thread if its not too bad. A broken tap will work fine. This is one reason for saving them.

If you have a little time you could make a holder for it.


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On Fri, 01 Jun 2007 01:48:49 GMT, with neither quill nor qualm, "Karl Townsend" quickly quoth:

Buy a new nut, Karl.

Two simple ways to clean up threads are the thread chaser bars (Enco, $6.69 on sale)

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the external thread restorers
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"chaser"...and the right size for you costs _only_ $241 and change.

Next time, file or grind a taper on the buggered section of axle before you try to remove the nut so you don't damage -it-, too.

- Metaphors Be With You -

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Larry Jaques


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I have the OD one and it works great. Made in Israel.



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Grant Erwin

So, will it work on goy threads?

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Strap sez:

"> Next time, file or grind a taper on the buggered section of axle

Yeah, do that. And use a 6-sided die for the nut.

Bob Swinney

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Robert Swinney

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