Roper 17 punch -- anyone?

If anyone owns this model by chance, I need to know how to get the blasted punch in it. The die is easy enough but I can't see any way of getting the punch installed without taking the ENTIRE handle off. ?

I can see the slot for the punch but I don't see any other way.

Certainly, that isn't the case is it? Do you have to take both of the through hole machine srews out? The small one and the large one?

If have a smaller XX model and it's an easy process just to slip it in.


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Call Roper Whitney?

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Grant Erwin

If it is like the smaller one that I have, you simply unscrew the moveable handle's pivot bolt (mine is knurled and only finger-tight) and remove it. Then you slide the handle back and off of the top of the punch. If that doesn't make sense, email me off list.

Pete Stanaitis


Michael wrote:

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If it's like mine, you slip the punch up through the die holder -- with the die out (duh!).


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

Thanks gave me the hint I needed.

Piece of cake.

It is kind of tricky if you're not familiar with it.

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