Roper Whitney #68 Punch

I'm refurbishing an old Roper foot operated punch and have hit a
roadblock. It's a model 68 (same as your model 58, but with a 24"
throat). I need to remove the two gibbs that hold the ram against the
backplate, but I can't get them to budge. The bolts are out, and I've
half heartedly tried to knock one of the locating dowels out with a
pin punch, to no avail. I really don't want to hurt this nice old
machine, but I've got to get those gibbs off. What is the right way
to accomplish this?
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Max Krippler
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I am not familiar with the machine you are talking about, but I have some general input. To loosen stuck mechanisms, I start with really good penetrating oil. Forget WD-40 or anything you can buy at the auto parts store. Call an industrial bearing supply and ask them if they carry Kroil or Aero-Kroil. Kroil has bailed me out of many a jam.
The second thing that often works is heat cycling. Heat up the outer housing so it expands a little, then let it cool.
To drive stuck pins, it often helps to turn precision drive pins on a lathe, so they bear fully and exactly.
Have you tried using a small hydraulic cylinder to gently push up on the ram?
Good luck, I'm positive if you're patient and keep after it you'll get it eventually.
You also might try calling Roper Whitney.
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Grant Erwin
Hm, I've got 2 (a 58 and a 68 I think) sitting on the floor (not yet assembled after the move), here's an excuse to go look at 'em.
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That's OK. I got them off! Took a 3' long piece of .375" shaft and ground one end to fit the hole. Put a stop-collar on the other end at about 1.5 inches in and stuck it into the barrel of an air hammer. That, and some "liquid wrench" just teased those pins right out the front.
Thanks, --Max
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Max Krippler

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