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Hi, I need to know how I can adapt a Centrifugal Clutch from a 40cc Poulan Chainsaw to a 5.5HP Honda engine with a 3/4" Horizontal Shaft.......and whether or not it will work.

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TIA Bert Newfoundland

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I doubt that an 8-10,000 rpm chain saw clutch could be easily adapted to a

3,600 rpm Honda engine. You'd be better off looking at ready-made clutches. IIRC, Northern Hydraulics (now Northern Tools?) used to sell go-kart components and listed centrifugal clutches in their catalog.

-- Bob (Chief Pilot, White Knuckle Airways)

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It won't work very well, in my opinion. The engagement rpm for the chain saw is probably much higher than what you want on a go-kart, and the Poulan clutch is not designed to transmit anywhere near as much torque as the Honda makes... the applications are just too different. You can buy inexpensive ($20) go-kart clutches that will bolt right on to the Honda motor and work well right out of the box. Try

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E-bay has the clutch you need cheap...

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