Coming along nicely !

After much hemming and hawing , I decided I really DO need a boring head .
But after looking at prices I decided to use up some of that round stock
I've been saving . So I've now got a mandrel made of some 4140 , the body is
mostly machined and only needs the dovetails cut and the
lock screws drilled and tapped . I haven't yet started the slide ... both
body and slide are made from some 4140-type steel that I got from scrap .

I have to decide whether to buy boring bars or make my own . I have a
piece of 1/2" 300-series SS but I'm not
sure if it's rigid enough . I also have a small pile of triangular carbide
inserts ... and I've already made a boring bar for the lathe that uses these
. I guess I can make just one and see how it works before doing more . Hey ,
I got more time than anything now that I'm retired ... well , at least right
now , that will change as summer approaches .
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