Conan the Compressor - Vacuum Pump Possible?

Hi folks,
I have just finished "tweaking" my compressor (see
formatting link
) and now have a motor and cylinder head left.
I'd like to try and make a vacuum pump from the leftover bits and was
wondering what y'all think before I start.
Any mods needed to the rings/piston etc.
I was thinking of using an old propane tank (empty and cleaned) to store
the vacuum with some kind of pressure switch to cycle it.
I know I'm never going to get to -32in.hg but would like to get in the -28
Thanks all
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I used my Harbor Freight vacumn pump (eductor) to outgas the MT propane tank I use for a portable air tank. The tank held about 26"hg w/o any signs of deformation. Maybe you should add a filter to your tank, that way you will have a vacumn cleaner, (sorry, could not resist!!!) Even after multiple flushings with air, there is still a smell of the odorant.
John H.
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To get rid of the smell (reprint of earlier post): I have tried various things to get rid of the odor from propane tanks that I've reused. I have just tried the only one that really worked: chlorine bleach (e.g., Clorox).
I have a 10 gal tank that I wanted to use as a portable air supply. I poured in about a cup of bleach, sloshed it around, let it sit, sloshed a few more times. After about 24 hr., I drained the bleach, rinsed with a little water and filled with air. The air was totally odor free. Well, it smelled a little, more like paint thinner than anything.
Note - I did this with the valve on, it would be easier with it off, but probably not worth the effort.
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Bob Engelhardt

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