Corner Rounding - Finding the actual curve

I've got an assortment of corner rounding tools. Corner rounding endmills, roundover router bits etc Is there a trick to finding the dimensions from the tip (Height to curve) and from the center (radius to curve) of the actual location on the cutter of the 90 degrees that form the actual curve radius claimed on the side of the cutter?

For manually rounding the tabs that form the sides of a pin hinge on a mold I typically just keep cutting until it looks good, but it would be nice to do it on one of the CNC mills sometimes. To do that its necessary in my opinion to have a pretty good guess of the geometry of the cutter, not just that somewhere in that flute is an arc that will do what you need.

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Bob La Londe
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Assuming these are piloted bits , the difference between the bearing diameter and the biggest diameter of the bit , divided by 2 , is the roundover radius . Knowing that you should be able to figure out anything else you need .

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Terry Coombs

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