Curring stainless steel shim?

I want to make some oval gaskets with about a 2 inch center hole and 2 10
mm stud holes. I need to make multi layer stainless shim gaskets, it's for
a turbo to manifold type application where the interface will be cherry red
hot a lot of the time. Only multi layer shim gaskets work reliably. What's
the best way to cut say 5 thou thick stainless sheet without burring it? I
need to cut the oval outline, the 2 inch hole and the 2 ten millimeter stud
holes in about 5 pieces of material. thanks.
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Nick Müller
I would probably sandwich the gasket material between two other pieces of metal, maybe 1/8 inch thick steel. Sandwiching should greatly reduce burring, since the edges are fully constrained. I might still expect to take a dremel with a small stone on it to clean up any edges that felt rough.
Chris wrote:
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Richard Ferguson
Sounds a good application for laser cutting.
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Tom Miller
We use tinner snips at work for cutting steel shim up to about .020". Sharp snips will reduce the burr to almost nothing. You can remove what's left with an oil stone easily.
As for the holes, we use shim punch and die sets. Any professional die maker should have one. Perhaps you have a die shop near you, or know someone who is a die maker? If they're sharp, you'll get very little burr which can also be removed with a stone.
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Robin S.

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