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Are the Enco $14 calipers worth having? They have a 12 inch for under $30! The Fowler prices are less attractive, but strike me as a lot more realistic. Recommendations??

Given how dependent I have become on my current calipers, it occurs to me that I might want to have a spare, and I might buy something bigger than 6 inches if the price isn't too scary.

One bit of good news is that I finally have a steel rule marked in tenths, etc.


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Bill Schwab
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I have one that's served me well for several years. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that the ones they sell today are the same as mine...

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Jim Stewart

I've had the Fowler digital calipers for a few a few years, and while they're accurate, I find them a little flimsy. I finally broke down and bought the Mitutoyo Digimatics on sale at Enco, around $85 IIRC - they're much more satisfying to use. Personally, I'd either take a chance on the $14 Encos or spring for the Mitutoyos.

If your eyesight is good and you don't mind adding in your head, it's hard to beat the Starrett 123 verniers for quality and reliability. With a little patience you can pick up a like-new 6" 123 on ebay for less than $50. As my eyesight slides downhill I use my 6" 123s less and less, but have couple longer that I use regularly and don't plan on replacing.

Ned Simmons

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Ned Simmons

My HF cheapo checks out flat on with the gage blocks. It's a lot easier to use with my old eyes than my 40+ year old Mauser vernier that has served me well. Bugs

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There are a lot of digital calipers out there for much cheaper. I think it is easier to make a digital caliper than a dial today.

BTW. I keep seeing this offering on eBay for a digital caliper with a starting bid of $.75 and no reserve. When the bidding closes there is no one bidding. Reason, they are charging ~$17.00 shipping and handling. I only followed on bid/offering, but wonder how many get suckered in since they have dozens of these cheap import calipers going everyday. Same caliper available at HF for about $6.

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I am amazed at how well the cheap calipers work these days. I even bought a digital one for 14 bucks from Harbor Freight. Seems to work fine, as do my cheap dial ones.

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Don Stauffer

I have several of the $14 dial calipers laying around. I consider them disposable. Accurate to around .001", seem to work fine. I do need to get a better one for working around my lathe but a cheapr riding in the truck to go to the steel yard is a good deal.

I also use some of the cheaper ($15 to $25) digital calipers. > Hello all,

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They're great for rough and tumble measuring on the fly. I find that .001 is reasonable if you're VERY careful about making sure the dial hasn't rotated and the rack doesn't jum anywhere but I'd not normally expect them to do better than about .002-.004. Keep a good brand around for when it counts and use the cheap ones for banging around the shop when you need to get close. They especally shine when you are using them instead of a tape measure to quick measure smaller items to a sixteenth (is that bar 3 or 3+?)

I even use them as a setting bar in rough jigs..I have a particular jig where I have to rotate a part for a second op...I just set the caliper to length, tighten the screw, and use a shoulder as a stop block similar to a small "story pole". Doesn't bug me if I bang it a little because I save the ones I've dropped and stepped on a few times for this.


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You take one lousy week off to join Thorax at the Elvis concert, and this is what happens: Koz writes on Thu, 22 Dec 2005 11:43:52 -0800 in rec.crafts.metalworking :

I had a pair of cheap dial calipers which had that problem. Mentioned it to Carlin (my tool guru). So he comes round at lunch and tightens the gibs. I didn't know they had those! Now they're accurate, and even certified (went through the official process last week, at the company).

That too.

Now I have a 6 & 8 inch Mitatoyo, and the 6 inch "Red Dragon Machine Tool and Noodle Factory" ones.

If it looks stupid but it works, it isn't stupid.

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pyotr filipivich

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