Austral Peterol (Ronaldson Tippett) Removing Camshaft Type N + Parts Needed

Hello, I am a 15 year old over in South Australia, I understand this is a UK forum but I couldn't find any Australian ones so I thought there might be a few Australian readers.

I have a Austral Peterol (Ronaldson Tippett) Type N I am having troubles getting the cam shaft out can anyone help me with this?

And I am after a flywheel the one with the spark and tdc marked in it as I cracked the other one getting it off by accident. The Piston (without the conrod), Piston Rings, Bore, Head, Valve Assembally, Carby and intake manifold.

I have alot of mechanical expriance and this is my first engine, if anyone can help me remove the camshaft and/or supply the pieces i need it would be greatly appreciated, as i am still at school I dont have much money but will be willing to pay reasonable prices for parts.

Thanks Matt Ryan

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Matthew Ryan
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Hi Matthew, what part of Australia are you in? I have a friend who will possibly be able to help you with your parts. I am not quite sure how the camshaft comes out but I could have a look in my manual and see if it has any info. I have never had my engine apart so I cannot help by experience. For a good Aussie Forum I would reccomend:

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Patrick M Livingstone

Thank you very much. I have emailed you my postal address but i doubt australia post would deal with something so big and heavy.. This is greatly appreciated and i cant thank you enough. It might be worth giving fletchers freighters a call ( i dont know if you have heard of them) but they deliver to your door i believe. as for parts I need the Fly-Wheel (preferably the side with tdc and spark marked on it) main bearings if you mean the ones on the crank, Carby, Piston, Rings, Head/Valve Assembally, and the magnito but you may choose to keep that being the value of them these days. this wouldnt leave you much of an engine left so you might take the option of sending the whole lot to me, but its upto you. If you are sure you dont want any money for the pieces. When it is running it will be displayed it at the Cobdogla Steam Museum on the operating days so you might want to come over and see it running. I will even get a little brass plaque made with a thank you note to you engraved on it if you would like.

Thanks for the help Matthew Ryan

PS, I also need a spark plug, crank handle, and some nuts etc for the head and nuts for the other pieces. You will have to come over here oneday when its all running to see it.....

Thanks again

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Matthew Ryan

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