Removing paint from resin parts

What is the best way of removing enamel, acrylic and cellolose based paints
from resin parts?
Or more to the point what is resin soluble in if anything?
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Roger Demming
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Polly Scale ELO will work and not hurt the resin.
Roger Demm>
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I normally use oven cleaner, same as I do on all other types of models. Paint & lacquer thinners will work too, but aren't as convenient.
The resin model kits and casting resins I've worked with are unaffected by paint & lacquer thinners, mineral spirits, etc.
But there's more than one kind of resin, so there might be some that are affected by common solvents & thinners.
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Wayne C. Morris
most of my resin figures are of large scale female nudes - repop castings from Thailand.
Any problem with the resin they might use? Its white if that helps.....
"Wayne C. Morris" wrote:
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