Dial Indicator cleaning problem

I have a Mercer .002mm per division Dial Indicator which is sticky. I
want to remove the face so that I can fully clean the mechanism and
then lubricate both ends of all of the pivots. (I have watch oil). I
have made a "Hand Puller" but the hand does not shift. What am I doing
wrong? Any advice?
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Richard Edwards
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You say you've made a "hand puller". What does it look like?
This is the kind of puller you should be using:
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You squeeze the sides and the white pieces press against the dial while the inner claws pull out on the pointer's hub. The spring loaded center piece keeps the pointer captured so it doesn't leap across the room and hide under the last place you'd look when it pulls free from its shaft.
I've had one similar that for more years than I care to remember and it's never failed me yet.
If you've got a friendly watchmaker near you, he might pull that pointer for you if you brought the indicator to him.
Good luck,
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Jeff Wisnia
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I've got a similar one -- except that it has a turret with four pins to press on the center pin while the hooks pull up.
I've also got one with some fancy linkage with has two jaws which roll on the face to lever up the hand hub equally on each side.
Each is preferred at different times.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
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Jeff Wisnia

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