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I have a Mercer .002mm per division Dial Indicator which is sticky. I want to remove the face so that I can fully clean the mechanism and then lubricate both ends of all of the pivots. (I have watch oil). I have made a "Hand Puller" but the hand does not shift. What am I doing wrong? Any advice?

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Richard Edwards
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The indicator needles on pressure gauges are all pressed onto a tapered shaft and there is a special, very small, puller available that removes 'em in a jiffy - they often need a surprising amount of force to get them off tho'.

I was going through one of my old 'Work Tool' drawers the other day and disccovered 3 beautifully made, small 'Budenberg' pullers that I'd forgotten I had.

If you have no luck PM me and I'll pop one in the post to you.

You could also try this link:

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Talk to Jenny in the repairs dept, she helped me out with the bits to repair an 0.005 Verdict finger gauge a couple of weeks ago.

She repairs all sorts of Dial gauges and Indicators and is a very helpful lady.

She'll tell you what you need...........

Cheers Barry

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