DIY Step Stool Plans?

I'm needing some aluminum welding practice, and I thought that making
a step stool would be a "nice to have around the shop" project.
Yeah, I know that I could just buy one.... but i've got many pieces of
3/8" thick plate, and at least one TIG welder around here.
Does anyone have an example of one, which they made, that they'd be
willing to share?
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No plans, but a question. How big is your welder? 3/8 aluminum will take quite a lot of current, 300 amps or more; beyond the practical range of a small welder/torch. You can extend the capacity of your welder by preheating large pieces. But I'd say 1/8" to 3/16" material is a better choice for learning to TIG aluminum.
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Ned Simmons
You bring up a very good point. 3/8" plate takes quite a bit of heat, and good amount of time to get to the proper heat.
I've got 4 Tig machines that vary between 200 amps and 450 amps. Yeah, I've been a long time believer in the old addage: "Anything worth doing, is worth over-doing"
This is not really a learning excercise, I'm just trying to keep old skills sharp. Tig welding really takes fine motor skills, and my muscle memory could use a refresher course.
Thanks, _kevin
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Depending on the design, the frame and legs of the step stool could be made of 1/8 wall tube and welded with ease. The plate could then be pop riveted on as the steps. This would result in a strong and light design.
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Roger Shoaf

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