Dolphin cad/cam try before you buy offer

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Just hit my inbox. Don't know price or if this is legit site, but looks interesting for people into cad/cam.

Anyone with Dolphin cad/cam experience they would care to share with the group?

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F. George McDuffee
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We evaluated several low cost cad/cam programs about 5 years ago when we thought we'd need it for a project...

Dolphin was one that I liked enough to actually purchase (they had a really good price at the time) and it had some great features.

It turned out that we could do everything we needed by directly programming our MillZilla machine (Hurco KMB conversational control on a Wells-Index mill) so our Dolphin installation got lost during a hard drive failure. Also, (IIRC) their post-processor for the Hurco had a glitch that they didn't know about... (It's very case-sensitive).

Considering they're offering a sale price, maybe it's time to renew - like I said, it seemed to do some stuff (intersecting arcs, for one) really nicely.


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