drill press vise

I need a decent drill press vise. Is one of the HF varieties good enough,
or do I need to spring for a better one. I don't need a machinist style
that is highly accurate, or will do angles. Just a vise to hold things
instead of clamping them or using my hands, which gets a little hairy at
Any suggestions on a good one without spending two days pay? ( I make $27
an hour.)
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I have a cheap cross slide vise on mine . Works so well I don't ever recall taking it off the press . They go on sale here all the time starting around 30 bucks . Luck Ken Cutt
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Ken Cutt
Check out the cam lock sliding type vices. I find they work well for about 75% of the work I drill. For the other 1/4 I use either a standard screw type vice or clamp directly to the table. For the clamp I use a vice grip style. Always either bolt the vice down or at least have a stop of some kind on the table to keep it from rotating if the drill grabs
here are a couple of links to the various vices
formatting link
formatting link
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Ken Cutt wrote in article ...
Me too!!!!
It works great, and seldom comes off the DP...
It is s-o-o-o nice to walk up to the DP, set something in the vise, move things side-to-side and front-to-back to line everything up under the drill bit, then drill away with no fear of a trip to the E.R. for stitches.......
I paid about $35 for mine IIRC...........WELL WORTH SUCH A RELATIVELY SMALL INVESTMENT!!!!!!!
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