Got to touch a piece of history today

I got a chance to see and touch a piece of history today, one of the original 13 sets of gage blocks made by CE Johansson! I went to the online local paper to check yard sales and see if there was any I ought to go look at. On the front page, just before clickiing the Classifieds link, I saw a headline "Yardsale Eureka". Checked out the link to find a local woman had purchased the set years ago for $20, and would have them on display at the local Ford dealer today. I took my copy of Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy and let her copy the section on Johansson, and took a couple pictures of the set. She has documentation certifying it as Johansson's personal set, and she's going to get me a copy of that. Here's the link to the article in today's local paper:

If I'd seen these at a museum, they'd have been behind glass. It was neat to be able to actually touch them. No, didn't handle the blocks themselves and I made sure to tell her not to handle them.

Sure wish this had been my yard sale score...


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Jon Anderson
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Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I hadn't heard of CE Johansson before. I would think that some museum somewhere would buy those from her. I wonder how she came up with $55,000?


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The article said they were the set with the serial number of "ONE!"

Was there an aura about them?


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jim rozen

Bah...they probably haven't been certified in years, cost more to re-cert 'em than they're worth. I'll give you 50 bucks for 'em...

Dave "Give a man an inch..." Hinz

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Dave Hinz

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