hi, this might be only a little related but perhaps someone would know
the answer here.
I have an embossed seal on a paper. I want to know if there was any
way the seal could be used to make a new embosser or embossing die so
I can emboss the seal on other papers. I've looked at other services
but they seem to require black and white art which I not only don't
have but would possibly lose some of the 3d detail in the seal that I
want to retain. Price is not so much of an issue although it would be
good to have something cheap and effective.
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Sorry, but I read your post and resulting defensive response with evasiveness rather telling.
What's next, you wander into the lockpicking group asking how to pick a lock?
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Dave Hinz
well I asked a straightforward question about embossing, how long do I have to make the post to reassure you? I don't want go off track from my question anymore so I'll just say if you think I'm some diabolical criminal don't respond and I'll find some other way to further my nefarious schemes. However if someone knows a little about making metal stamps and wants to be helpful I'll be thankful.
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Look it is easy to do. Just take the original seal into the engraving shop and ask them to sell you a new seal with the same design.
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Roger Shoaf
Break into the office of the Notary the seal came from and steal the die. Make lots of noise. JR Dweller in the cellar
snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:
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JR North
My guess would be that it is the seal for the county recorders office or what ever office certifies birth certificates. With that you can get a "real" ID card from the DMV.
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Roger Shoaf
You have NOW experienced the phenomenon known as the "Holier-Than-Thou" Internet brotherhood.........
......led by a guy who once came on here to brag about a friend of his who regularly "liberated" carts from the nearby UPS parking lot.
A staunch group dedicated to "Truth, Justice and The American Way!".......
.....except, of course, when applied to them.
I have no real answer other than to approach a seal manufacturer about duplication.
If that presents some sort of problem for ethical or legal reasons, then you certainly belong here among brethren......
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Around here, notaries are no longer issued a seal. They use an ordinary rubber stamp.
If you don't want to answer the question, why bother to post?
snipped-for-privacy@lycos.com wrote:
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Mike Berger
My bet is a Corporate seal, ya print up a few hundred thousand shares of stock, forge a few sigs, seal it and take to a shady stock transfer agent...
For the O.P., if you have someone who can make a seal from black and while line drawing I'm pretty sure that with a camera on a tripod and some clever lighting and photoshop work to combine various shots you could get a good enough line drawing for reproduction...
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Dave August

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