ER 16 Collets **INCH** sizes

Does anyone know of a source for ER16 collets ground to INCH
fractional sizes?
I'm not interested in the dual metric/inch type or high dollar high
precision types.
These used to be availble from Enco, etc.
What I mean is, for instance, a loose 1/4" collet will accept a .250
tool shank
and hold it lightly or nearly so.
The 6-7 mm (.275" bore) 1/4" equivalent has the be closed most of the
way to grip.
These are just a pain to use with fractional inch shanks with all the
extra screwing
and unscrewing and when the collet pops loose suddenly the tool drops
out if you don't
have a finger ready to hold it.
I'm sure the runout accuracy suffers, but the self holding feature is
what I miss.
Thanks for any help,
RichD, Atlanta
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FWIW -- I have ordered items from HHIP and been pleased with their quality and service. Note that they are the "commercial" side of "The Little Machine Shop"
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F. George McDuffee
Thanks George, but as shown in the specs chart those are actually metric collets. The 1/4" collet max dia (the loose dia) is .275" (7mm). It seems no one is making these in fractional inch sizes anymore. RichD
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?ProductID=3900-5165&p=2> and possibly other pages
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Sure they do Rich. I buy them all the time but I can't recall the manufacturer off hand. I order from a local tool supplier that knows I'll send back a metric collet if I've ordered an inch size. They take care of it. I know Regofix makes them but that isn't what I'm getting.
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John R. Carroll
Taig sells inch size ER16 collets.
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Bob La Londe
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How about these - J&L industrial on amazon - USA. J&L u.k. has them there.
John R. Carroll wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn has ER collets, listed as American sizes. $10.50 each. Note: If you need them NOW, call to make sure they are in stock.
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Mechanical Magic

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