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Would you Like To Know How The Electronic Devices Understand When You Talk to Them, And How It Works To Speak Spanish?

Because spelling words and names are common in English, Software have been developed to code names based on how they sound. Searching and matching is done by converting a word or name to some phonetic code. Phonetic encoding technology is also used for the command voice in electronic devices like cell phones(to make calls), answering machines(to select menu options), toys, cars(for security), house(to control the lights) and a lot of more applications, It is why when somebody order to cell phone " office" the cell phone makes a call to the office, or the lights turn on when you say "lights", etc.

Same Phonetic Code = Communication. Different Phonetic Code = NO Communication.

I have been working in this area for a long time and I applied the same phonetic principles to create a Guide that teach you speak Spanish reading in English in the easiest and most enjoyable way to communicate with Spanish speakers.

LEARN SPANISH READING IN ENGLISH Searching English words and matching Spanish words is done by converting English words to a specific phonetic code that sound like Spanish words, that's what I did to create "Spanish By Myself" Guide.

Let me show you how it works?..

For example you want to say "good morning" a want to drink a coffee

ENGLISH SENTENCE Good Morning, A coffee please SPANISH SENTENCE Buenos Dias, Un Café por favor PRONUNCIATION Boo_n_oz D_us oon kah_feh pohr fah_vohr

Let me give you more examples:

REMEMBER: Read the "pronunciation" sentence in English It will be sound in Spanish.

ENGLISH SENTENCE : How can I help you? SPANISH SENTENCE : Como puedo ayudare? PRONUNCIATION: Koh_moh puh_eh_doh ah_yuh_dahr_leh?

ENGLISH SENTENCE : I like to play football SPANISH SENTENCE : Me gusta jugar futbol PRONUNCIATION : Meh goose_tah hoo_gahr football

ENGLISH SENTENCE : The party is in my room SPANISH SENTENCE : La fiesta es en mi cuarto PRONUNCIATION : Lah Fee_ess_tah ess n mee koo_ahr_toe

ENGLISH SENTENCE : I want coke SPANISH SENTENCE : Yo quiero Coca Cola PRONUNCIATION : yoh kee_eh_roh koh_kah koh_lah

It is fun, isn't it?

Are you pronouncing correct Spanish?. I know how you feel when you tray to getting somebody understand what you want to say, and nobody does, it is frustrating, I felt in that way many times until I discovered this system and proof that anybody can speak Spanish and everybody will understand what you are saying. Isn't It Great!!, go to this web site

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and discover by your self that you too can speak Spanish right away with not wasting time in useless information, this is not another long course, this is the most practical guide at:

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How to Boost Your Spanish Output Learn the correct pronunciation of the most used key words that give you the most strong communication skills: Alphabet(26 letters), articles(el, la, los), pronouns(7), prepositions(18), verb to be(am, is, are), numbers(0-9), and interrogatives(8), Combine these 75 key words as a communication multipliers to make your learning time productive and create real usable Spanish output.

Join our news letter at :

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and you will receive a Free Alphabet pronunciation Pocket Manual . Cut and paste in the address field to Sign up.

Happiness! Felicidades! Pheh_lee_see_dad_dehs

Please forward this to a friend. It will highlight his day. Once forwarded, look for the complete Guide at this address:

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This Guide is even better!

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