expanded mesh question

I want to purchase a piece of expanded mesh to use on a platform of a
wheelchair ramp that is 45-1/2" X 49", but I am uncertain as to what type,
gauge, size and thickness that I would need for the proper support. I would
like to support approximately 300 to 400 lbs. for safety, and I plan to
support the mesh with steel square tubing about every 12". I also would like
the size of the diamond to be approximately 1/2" so the wheels of the chair
so won't get stuck in any way. I've never worked with mesh before so I have
no idea what I should get but I'm guessing I'll have to buy a 4X8 sheet and
cut it to size.any information as to what I should be looking for would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Does it have to be expanded mesh? I have been using a ot of the perferated plate and its reallay stout. Its basically sheet sheet, with perferations that are dimpled in it, spaced at various spacings depending on what size you buy, its used a lot for steps etc on tractor trailers etc and gives a good firm grip, without deep recesses or openings. It may be fine for what your looking for. Looks much better on the edges than expanded mesh does also.
I hate expanded mesh..it cost me an elbow and two knees when I got snagged on a work stand made of it, and took a header down the steps.
Bootlace came undone unbeknown to me, and I usually always tie a knot in the ends of the lace ends. The knot got snagged in the mesh when I was going down the stands steps and the rest is history.
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Thanks guys for your help. That's basically the info I was looking for. I wanted to make sure I got a thick enough gauge so as to not compromise strength. I looked at perforated stuff but I'm also trying not to get too expensive and I think the perforated can get pretty pricy. Thanks again.
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Try 3/4 x 9 flattened expanded metal in 10 ga. At 12" spacing it will be plenty. We us it for lawn mowers, atvs, etc.
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Tim Aberegg
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