FBI releases Nickola Tesla's files

I just downloaded all three sets of documents. No idea how long ago they released them...but it should be interesting reading..assuming its not all blacked out. I did notice at least one page was black lined......

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Gunner Asch
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Should be an excellent waste of your time. Much better than fixing the septic system, painting the ol' shithole, or learning an employable trade, right? It'll be a double "win" if you spend an equal number of hours talking about the read. LOL

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Rockin' Chair

No, you didn't. You've needed a new leach system for a couple decades, an expense of several thousand, as you've told us. And you can't afford license plates for your truck, as you've told us. No way you neglected to mention coming into the thousands to fix the septic system.

Oh right, you're doing so well that you have a negative net worth and have been begging for a job for a couple years.

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No takers means no employable trade.

Getting that old POS on the road is always just over the horizon... like the great cull. You've been lying about the cull for about 8 years. How many years so far have you been talking about the van?

You don't need to tell anyone that your vehicles are either dead or dying. It's perfectly predictable and well accepted.

You've had years of opportunity. And you've written dozens if not hundreds of your fantasies. But all you do is sit there. Fair to say that the limit of your reach is the distance to your keyboard... which produced this laughably absurd threat: ___________________________ "I just forwarded a link to your misbehavior to everyone on my Friends List. And of course..all your header information. Several of the members of that august list..are computer wienies at the top of very large high tech companies.. People who are very very good about finding out Stuff about fools on the internet. One, is an ex marine..combat marine...(though many are ex military or ex law enforcement or both) and doesnt deal well with fools...and he is extraordinary with High Tech stuff. Which is why his hobby is building guitars and such. Gives him low tech time to rest his brain from his daily grind of owning his own high tech company.

Now one or more of them will report to me, who you are, and where you live. And Ill pass along that information to other friends who generally dont have their pictures on facebook for various reasons.

For some..the Great Cull may..may come early." ___________________________________

Are you ever going to admit to that ridiculous bald faced lie, or do you still maintain you can identify and cull posters from their headers?

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