finally got it up

My new shop gantry, that is. I need a hoisting machine that can go down low
enough to roll into my shop through a regular garage door, or go up high enough
to lift a tall machine into a pickup truck bed. I figured I'd design it with two
ton capacity, even though I doubt I'll ever lift that much with it. It has
casters with a feature I like, which is swivel locking. Each caster has a
spring-loaded pin which if actuated, engages one of 4 slots to hold the caster
in a rigid locked position. In other words, they can swivel or they can lock in
any of 4 directions. Makes it easy to drive, and easy to keep it from rolling.
It isn't a very good picture, and it's only an inexpensive 1-ton chainfall hung
on the trolley, but you'll be able to get the idea. The top beam is 8x18.5 steel
in good shape, you can still clearly read the manufacturer's name and heat
number stamped in the side. The whole thing is painted in Rustoleum rusty brown
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It took me a disgustingly long time to get it finished, but now she's ready to
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Grant Erwin
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Looks like an awesome machine. Very cute and strong. How do you lift the vertical columns inside their ways? What s the caster rating, they look like 600 lbs casters at best?
I would also calculate the stress on the bolts tying the top beam to columns, if you move a 2 ton object sideways and hit a little bump.
If you need a 2 ton Harrington chain hoist for $99 plus shipping, let me know. 20 foot lift.
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Solid but overkill. And what's with the mauve paint?
Grant Erw> My new shop gantry, that is. I need a hoisting machine that can go down low
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I plan to jack up the crossbeam using an automotive floor jack and a pipe cut to length. I'll go up 12" at a time, threading on one-foot pieces of pipe as needed.
The "hit a little bump" issue is hopefully going to be minimized by the use of 8" casters. The casters are rated at 1350 each. And that's for a rolling load, they can take much more statically. So I can lift a 2-ton load all the way down at one end, but I can't roll the gantry with it loaded like that.
Is that Harrington hoist made in Japan or China?
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Grant Erwin
It works great for the price. I paid $2k. That's before adding all the punches and dies, of course.
Do you have the little punch table? If so, I'd love to have the measurements so I could reproduce it.
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Grant Erwin
To keep costs down, I used the steel that was available to me.
The paint is pretty much the same brown that you see on Forest Service gates etc. - not mauve at all. If it looks that way, it's some digital artifact.
RoyJ wrote:
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Grant Erwin
and a pipe
pieces of pipe
Using the frame inside won't be difficult but the high lift outside may wear you down. Is there somewhere out- side where you can hang a fall either permenently or temporarily, and use it to lift the crossbeam and legs in one lift? It might make the job much easier and faster if you don't mind spending the extra money.
dennis in nca
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Hi Guys:
I'm going through the current topics to hopefully suggest a way to tag valid RCM traffic.
Add RCM: on the beginning of the title line - BEFORE the obligatory OT, OK?
Then we can filter on that tag.
Also need to add a filter for Re: RCM: to get the reply lines.
Hang tight - keep posting.
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cavelamb himself
Won't always work. Some of the HIPCRIME software replicates the author and subject line. So it can copy the RCM as well. Besides - changing the Subject messes up the threading/sorting.
I just killed all postings that cross-posted to sci.crypt. ZAP - no more sporgeries.
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Maxwell Lol
Based on headers
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Unless you are into *nix not likely something you might like. Xnews has something called scoring that Sittingduck on A.M.C. mentioned. If I understand it correctly you can award a high score to a crosspost to a particular group and filter on that.
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It is a windows based program. I use Forte Agent which I wish had this kind of feature but I'm too used to it to switch. I'm one of their first 4500 customers so I've used it a long time.
Nfilter may also be an option if your reader of choice has poor filtering capabilites.
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Yes, the filtering I mentioned (in my case, using the x-ref header) requires you to be using the One True Editor -- emacs (and reading news using the gnus package).
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Joe Pfeiffer
Yeah, this sort of stuff is often a stupid competition with each participant having a "score" group (in this case sci.crypt) to catch the outraged followups (they post material that they hope will get peoples' backs up enough for them to followup and not notice the crosspost groups).
Adding new tags to subjectlines won't prevent the problem (and only messes up the newsgroup further). The only way to avoid seeing this stuff is to filter based upon crossposting. I use a nuke rule - all crossposted articles get filtered (I know, a bit extreme but ...).
At the very least - if you're going to reply to this nonsense - remove any crosspost groups from the newsgroups header so that the perpetrator won't "profit" from the exercise (making him less interested in continuing).
Even if you don't want to change to a newsreader that supports killing crossposted messages you can always use something like nfilter to preprocess groups for you
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