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Okay - I need some advice here. I have aluminum parts that are too big to go into a toumbeler but that I still need to get a good shiny finish on. My first question is around the sanding of aluminum. I would like to get some thoughts on what RPM, Grit, and tool to use on taking a potentially rough finish down to polish-ready.

I was thinking of starting with a 200 grit and working up from there until I hit an 800. The problem is what tool do I use. I have an air compressor in the shop so I was thinking a 2500 rpm polisher with some sanding discs would work well. The sanders in the catalogues seeem to all be very high rpm (8,000 plus) and I thought that would be too high. They do have velcro pads though which I thought woudl be better for the job and are random orbital's. Is having a sanding disc that is hole mounted good or bad?

When it gets to the polishing i'm fine with that but the finishing on the sanding has to be good. as I will be polishing it and bright anodising it.


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Sorry I should have posted more info :(

The parts for all intents and purposes are flat box's. There are some groves, holes, etc. but these are fine unpolished.

There are to be a range of finshes from bead blasted through to bright anodised so this is for the bright anodised options. I have some rouge and other composit polishes so that stuff is all sorted.

What I guess I'm really asking is wether something like this:

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... or ...

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is better. I would like to combine (at least initially) the sanding with the polishing tool if possible so I don't have to buy both.

This is the clark version of a polisher...

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I'm a little lost as to what to focus on.

Please let me know what other info is needed here ;)


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You'd do well to somewhat describe your part(s). Round? Square? Full of holes? Any projections that need protecting?

Can't imagine you'll get much useable advice otherwise.


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