flexible sidewall belt

The company operates from a production area of 4200m2, with a production staff of 57 and 10 in sales/administration/management. With regard to sidewall and cleat manufacture we have a total of 409 moulds and 13 compression moulding presses. For complete belt assembly, there are 6 production lines all based on hot vulcanising process. Currently, we are producing in Qingdao, 70,000m of sidewalls and

30,000m of complete belt per year. As to our production range, we can produce sidewalls from 40mm to 630mm, cleats from 35mm to 580mm, and complete belts from 300mm to 2400mm, in all major internationally accepted rubber grades.

Our products are sold widely into all European countries, as well as USA, Australia, India, Africa and S. America, as well as of course in the Chinese domestic market.

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