How to change belt on old Monkey Wards (Logan) lathe?

Hello all,
My non computer using Uncle has broken the flat belt on his old Logan
lathe. We can't figue out how to get a new one put on. Any hints?
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||Hello all, || ||My non computer using Uncle has broken the flat belt on his old Logan ||lathe. We can't figue out how to get a new one put on. Any hints? ||Thanks.
2 ways: Pull the spindle Use a linked belt.
You know, there is a very good Logan lathe support group on Yahoo, moderated by Scott Logan himself. Texas Parts Guy
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Rex B
I would add "glue the new flat belt on in place" which is what I did.
Rex B wrote:
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Grant Erwin
You can either use the link belt stuff or get a belt made that has a joint in it that you can open (pull a pin). Your local industrial supply shop should be able to help.
Steve Smith
Tunohs wrote:
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Steve Smith
The "link belt stuff" probably won't work; it most likely won't clear the space between the bottom of the headstock pulley and the headstock itself unless you can use the smaller pulleys exclusively.
MSC sells lengths of leather and the necessary assembling hardware, or you can disassemble the whole thing and use an automotice rubber belt.
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Enders Epilogue
There are several ways to do this, but the spliced in place is preferable unless you get a new endless (serpentine) belt, in which case pulling the spindle is mandatory - be sure to clean up the lube system while things are apart.
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Gerald Miller
Been there, done that and I must say I love my old Logan. Do yourself a big favor and contact the Logan company and request a replacement belt that they sell for the unit. The one for my machine was a flat belt with a connecting pin spiced in. Can be installed in a minute without taking the whole thing apart. It has been about 4 years or so but I seem to recall the belt being priced about 15-20 bucks and well worth it.
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Rusty Bates
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Rusty Bates
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We supply two belts for your Uncle's lathe, either an endless nylon belt, or a composition material fitted with Clipper(r) Lacing.
The belt with the lacing will last a very long time, and requires no disassembly of anything. You just wrap the belt around the pulleys, slip the pin in place, and you are off and running.
The endless nylon belt is stronger and quieter, but does require you to remove the spindle to install it. I do not recommend this for most customers, unless you have some other reason to remove the spindle at the same time, for instance to replace a gear, bearing, pulley etc.
Both belts, as well as manuals and many other parts can be ordered from our online store at:
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For the belts, select Parts & Accessories, then Drive, then LP-1183-1 or LP-1183-2.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.
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Scott S. Logan
Or use metal 'belt lace' clips if you have access to them (then you can take the belt on and off if necessary). The two clipped ends are then held together with a cross pin. The joint will make a slight 'click' as it runs over the pulleys, but it's not all that noticeable if the joint is made correctly. I've used the metal laces for many years with no problem. Or tie the belt ends together with leather (or other) laces. There's a correct pattern to use for the lacing that is shown in many older machinist manuals. Gluing works fine too (scarf the ends to taper the thickness, and glue with a good overlap), but the belt is no longer removable (no big issue).
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