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Anyone who would like to quote a project of threaded insert from 5/16" square 316 stainless steel, send me an email at An RFQ with attached drawing in pdf format will be emailed. This is an ongoing project. Normally order 10,000 pcs at a time. Over the last 9 years, have purchased 0 pcs per year to 80,000 pcs per year. Yearly usage has most often been around 20,000 pcs per year. Should you not be able to quote, we would enjoy any suggestions you may wish to offer for who we may send an RFQ to. Thank You.

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Note that rec.crafts.metalworking is *not* a forum for obtaining jobs. RFQs. It happens to be a collection of *hobby* metalworkers (as indicated by the "rec" in the newsgroup name. "rec" is short for "recreation". People are here to discuss things about the hobby -- and to share hints on how to do things. *Not* to sell their services.

This borders on spam, in my mind.

I've been known to take on projects for perhaps 200 of an item in a year, but certainly not the quantities which you are talking about.

There are a few people who run (or work in) commercial shops who read the newsgroup, but the are the exception, not the rule.

You might consider a better-targeted way to reach those more likely to do what you want.

And you don't even give a clue as to where you live. That might be a worthwhile inclusion, as it could allow you to meet face-to-face with those who are considering taking on your job.


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DoN. Nichols

I agree. People with cnc/automatic lathes, VMC's and HMC's are generally not looking for jobs on r.c.m. We certainly don't need a deluge of prospective clients or manufacturers here.



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Robin S.

You don't say internal or external threads in what is a very nasty material. I feel sorry for anyone that bids on this one.

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Lennie the Lurker

I dunno, folks, I didn't think it was too terribly out of line. He's not filling the group with a bunch of stuff. I was even a bit interested and asked for the drawings, but decided that it would just cost him WAY more than he'd want to pay with the equipment I currently own. I'd bet someone with a simple little turret lathe equipped with the proper collet setup could probably get it done pretty effectively, though. I'd think a run of 10,000 small parts like that would be about ideal for a turret lathe. Nice big order to make the setup time well worthwhile. Much better than 300 or so. A turret lathe (and even some of the lower-end/retrofit CNC setups) are certainly WELL within the grasp of many hobbyists.

I'm sure some of us would just LOVE to have handed to us on a silver platter the opportunity to have our addiction to mechanical gizmi justified to ourselves or our better halves. Or even better still, the justification to go ahead and get that turret lathe we've been drooling all over. Now *THAT* would be sweet.

Just my $0.02, tg.

P.S. Anybody know where I can get a good turret lathe, >

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The other Thomas Gardner

He said: If you're interested, write back to me and I'll send you a drawing with everything you'd need to know on it. I think he was trying to keep it short on the NG.


Lennie the Lurker wrote:

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The other Thomas Gardner

I disagree with you guys. At least he is on topic unlike half of the useless OT crap thats on here now like is congress stupid, the maytag repairman, gas prices, the puppies are, ect. At least its about machining. I have a couple of cnc machines and would be happy to look at his print.


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I know I'm just an armchair lurker, but Charlie you have hit the nail squarly on the head.

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Shiver Me Timbers

On 27 May 2004 07:38:06 -0700, (K) vaguely proposed a theory ......and in reply I say!: remove ns from my header address to reply via email

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Sometimes in a workplace you find snot on the wall of the toilet cubicles. You feel "What sort of twisted child would do this?"....the internet seems full of them. It's very sad

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Old Nick

For those of you about to quote, WE SA-LUTE YOU!


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