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I use an adjustable Fisher Scientific (IIRC) unit that goes up to about 30 psi . I seldom get over about 10 though , just don't need that much pressure if everything is running right . One mod that a lot of people do with the Reil design is use a MIG tip for an orifice . Mine are just a hole drilled in the side of a piece of 1/8" pipe and they work just fine .
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"jk" wrote: What do you have against charcoal (the real stuff)?? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Others have commented on this. Coal makes the hottest fire. Non briquette charcoal (the real stuff) comes in second. One disadvantage is: You can't get it to form a hot igloo the way you can with blacksmith's coal. Briquette charcoal is hardest to manage. It's okay if you want to heat a larger piece of metal, but then it takes a lot of it. The nice thing about coal is that only the part that is directly over the air inlet is burning, and you get a very intense, controllable fire.
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I've got a 100# tank and while I haven't been keeping close track, I'd say that using it a couple hours a day at 5psi, it should last weeks, if not months. At the rate I have been using it though, I'm refilling it about once a year.
If you use the idler bypass and run it at 1 1/2psi when not actively using it, you would probably get even more life out of it.
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