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I am installing a French drain between my driveway and house. The only plac e to exit the French drain is on top of the driveway. However, If the end o f the drain exits the driveway, this severely limits the depth of the Frenc h drain in order to ensure a slope toward the end if that makes sense.

My question is, I have seen pop up drain emitters. They basically look like a 4 inch 90 degree elbow with a top that pops up when water pressure is ex erted. Will a French drain product enough pressure to force the water out o f this type of emitter since water will have to travel "up hill" albeit for just the length of the elbow.

I appreciate any advice!

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Not likely, the pop up's work off the pressure increase, the drain will slowly fill but not develop any pressure. Probably the easier solution would be a sump pit with two submersible sump pumps. Then you could run the drain without a lot of hassle.

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