Genny on heating oil?

Teri's house in Winchester had a tank in a coal bin room. It leaked. They installed a new tank elsewhere in the basement and have not removed the old one.

Can a diesel genset be run on home heating oil? Can a heating oil service deliver 500 gallons of diesel? (It might be 275, I am not sure) Are there gennys that run on fuel oil?

We'd install the genny in the coal room, after removing the old tank with eco-safety in mind.


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There's two grades of home fuel oil. #1 is about the same as deisel, but might not start the engine as well. There's a good chance you have number 2 fuel oil as the tank is inside. I wouldn't try that on the deisel engine.

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Home heating oil is more like diesel than gasoline, in fact some people use #2 or even #3 diesel as heating oil. I would ask the supplier about equivalencies. And whether or not he can deliver 500 gal. of oil/diesel.

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According to the source where I buy my heating oil, the difference between diesel #2 and home heating oil (assuming it, too, is #2, not #1, or coal oil) is nothing. They come from the same tanks at the refinery, the only difference is that heating oil and off-road diesel are dyed red and one does not pay highway taxes on the fuel. I use them interchangeably heating my shop. Depending on the source, however, one can still buy high sulfur heating oil, whereas I understand that off road diesel is now low sulfur, so you might find that minor detail different. If the engine is built to run low sulfur fuel, no big deal. Considering the cost difference between heating oil and oil that one pays road tax, I sure as hell wouldn't pay the price for "diesel" for off road use. Why get hung up on a name?

Sounds like you're not familiar with home delivery of heating oil. I wasn't, either, until I installed my boiler. What they generally do in our area is have their small tanks (as large as 500 gallons) accept oil on a monthly basis, likely to average the cost of heating for the winter. The seller has a route and shows up on the prescribed day and tops off the tank. It's good to keep the tank on the full side to minimize condensation, especially if the tank is outside where there are greater temperature swings.

I chose to install a large tank, (1,100 gallons) so I could take advantage of volume delivery and pay smaller charges. That's worked very well on years when fuel is down, but I don't always hunt for a full tank when prices are up, as they are now. I dread buying fuel this year, it's going to be very expensive.


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These people

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have run diesels on all kinds of crap, including waste fry oil from MacDonald's. I am sure they could give you a definitive answer. Their site seems to be down just now (probably that big power failure) but give it a look-see later.


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