Gold Rush - Is it fake?

I watched Gold Rush - Full Disclosure last night. It created some doubts in
First, Schnabel leases the claim to Hoffman's for 20% of the gold, but never
shows up to guide them on the most basic things. I think if I had 20%
riding on it, I'd come over and show them some things instead of letting
them blunder along. UNLESS, he just wanted them to come in and take out the
overburden, and then he's get the prime stuff, which it looks like Fred, the
new boss is going to do this coming season.
When Fred broke the hose off the loader, one scene really looked like James
(or Fred, he pounded on it with a drift punch, too) got it seriously
boogered up. IIRC, they said they tapped it out, but from what I saw, it
was seriously mangled. If they had taps from the start, why didn't they EZ
out the stub, or at least try using a smaller tap as an EZ out.
I have worked at a dirt plant, and could have told them the shaker would
come apart if they put that big product in it without gizzlying or crushing
it first. I have owned gold sluices and built them, and knew theirs was
totally flawed. Seems like Schnabel would have been there on that, too.
He's been there what, Twice? I'd be over there a hell of a lot more than
that for 20%. Unless he just keeps releasing it to people and taking their
money and letting them fail, which is common in gold mining.
Everyone brought some skill set to the job. Why even ask Dorsey, a known
whiner tie and suit type? For the drama factor, I believe.
Lastly, the math doesn't fit. They said they had $250k in it plus another
$25k from Todd's sister, making $275k. Said they got $7k worth of gold, but
say they got $10k. That leaves $265k in the hole, and now they're looking
for bigger trucks and equipment to head to a region that has a shorter
mining season?
I think it's getting a little too much to believe. Either that, or they
never showed all the gold that was supposed to be at the bottom of the glory
hole. Gold miners have two stashes of gold: one they show to raise money,
the other the one they really got.
I'll bet in fact that Era Air flew them a lot of special equipment drops out
of Unakleet paid for by the producers. Obviously, there's going to be
another season, and although some people keep throwing money down a rat
hole, I don't think the Hoffman's have it to spend. Either that, or Todd is
one slick behind the scenes craftsman of all this drama. And all these news
twists are scripted.
If they are -$268k, how can they now go farther up Alaska into the Yukon and
open a bigger operation? The logistics of just getting food and supplies up
there is very expensive.
We'll see.
I'm starting to smell a rat.
Heart surgery pending?
Read up and prepare.
Download the book $10
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Read a nice book, Steve. TV, especially shitcoms and reality TV, is nothing but shit. Read a book, take a walk, spend some quality shop time, etc.
_Anything_ else is better than watching broadcast TV. Oy vay!
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