Good vertical bandsaw?

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No, wasn't me .. I got a Walker Turner and fixed it, have used it since.


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Grant Erwin

I have a bandsaw that is belted down with a manufactured stand. I don't suggest this but include this to show how it works and what I think are the weak points.

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The text file is below

These are some photos of an old Grob belt reduction base that is mounted under my 14" Delta bandsaw to reduce the blade to metal cutting speed.

The motor has a 2 1/2 in pulley and reduces the speed through two

10"-2 1/2" combination pulleys finally ending in an 8" pulley on the saw.

The motor mount is not original but is probably of a similar design.

The right side of the photo shows the pulley adjustment mechanism.

It drives the saw at about 120 fpm and is not really adjustable. I could drop out one 10" pulley and get it to run about 500fpm but that's about it.

It is driven by a 1/4 hp motor. I can and do stop the blade regularly.

The problem is not the motor, but the last reduction. At that belt speed (87 fpm) the pulley can only transmit .05 hp or so. If I were designing this from scratch, I would use a chain drive at this point.

Although, if were designing this from scratch I think I would use a gear reducer.

Paul K. Dickman

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Paul K. Dickman



SOME of the 4x6 bandsaws are OK. Mine will cut 1/2" thick by 6" wide steel the hard way, and its adjustable blade guides can be set to cut square within about 0.005" per inch. It could probably be set more closely but I use it to cut structural steel outdoors on uneven ground and the frame twists.

Jim Wilkins

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Jim Wilkins

I missed the Staff meeting, but the Memos shoed that Gunner wrote on Fri, 04 Jan 2008 02:48:23

-0800 in rec.crafts.metalworking :

Oh, it will fit on the roof.

Might cause some incidental scratches and dings, but it will fit on the roof. Not saying the roof will hold it up where people think it ought to be, but it will fit on the roof.

, dude.

tschus pyotr

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Got a laugh this afternoon at one of the local thrift stores, gal had bought a framed picture about 3 x 5 feet and was trying to fit it into a Smart Car. When I left, she had it in a garbage bag and was trying to tie it on top. Gerry :-)} London, Canada

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Gerald Miller

Totally agree! I've had one for umm, 20+ years now it seems. Only trouble ever has been the "rubber bands" around the blade wheels kept popping in cold weather. Fixed that by gluing a cut to length serpentine belt onto the wheels... believe it or not, this is very durable and round enough to not bother the bearings in the saw wheels. That saw is about the best $75 + about $200 in new bearings I ever spent on tools!

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