Great dealer experience - Leigh @ MarMachine

For anyone looking to purchase some new Jet equipment or some used domestic
equipment, I can highly recommend Leigh at MarMachine. I am in no way
affiliated with Leigh and have never even met him face to face, but the
purchasing experience was exceptional, especially for a first time buyer
like me. Leigh offered very competitive prices, responded to many emails,
gave me his cell phone and work number in case I had any additional
questions, and (here's the kicker) put together an assortment of lathe tools
and sample material for me to begin practicing on - for free, didn't even
charge me shipping!
Anyway, here is some contact info for anyone trying to reach Leigh:
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Jeff B
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Jeff: While we haven't met it was a pleasure doing business with you. I hope you enjoy your upgrades also. WMH made a mistake and sent Jeff the gearhead instead of belt drive lathe then upgraded the collet closer to match. I surely can't promise this to ever happen again. I am sure it was a very pleasant surprise. Thanks for being such a good customer. Leigh
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