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In the current thread about Strong Magnets, Carl McIver posted a link to
a site...
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has a section about
>some really useful applications for magnets in his shop.
This guy shares so many ideas, clearly, and with great pictures, that I
thought it should have its own thread so more people would see it.
I've been browsing for a while now and keep grinning and saying, "why
didn't I think of that." (Well once or twice, "yeah, I did think of
something almost like that.") Here's a simple example that I intend to
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I've never met a luthier I didn't like! And, I bet I'd enjoy meeting him and spending a couple of hours in his shop.
His excellent photographs and the attention he pays to the detail in his descriptions encourage me to think that maybe there's still hope that pride in workmanship will not will not become extinct in what's left of my lifetime.
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Jeff Wisnia
If you follow that site's links back to:
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,,,and look at the Taylor examples, you'll see: Gallery: "Koi" - 4/23/00. That one was designed by one of my wife's cousins. I hope to meet the guy someday.
-- Ed Huntress
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Ed Huntress
I really liked his Rope Knurl tool.
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Roger Shoaf
Nice to see the technique in progress.
Thanks Martin H. Eastburn @ home at Lions' Lair with our computer lionslair at consolidated dot net NRA LOH & Endowment Member NRA Second Amendment Task Force Charter Founder IHMSA and NRA Metallic Silhouette maker & member
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Roger Shoaf wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn

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