anyone heard of 2" hitch receiver tube in STAINLESS?

I have a potential client who wants a fabricated hitch made of stainless. I'm not wild about the idea, and I told him I'd look for stainless receiver tube. It's the size that accepts 2x2" ball mounts. Of course, one could be welded up from flat bar, but the labor cost would really add up that way.

I can't find even a hint of receiver tube made in stainless. Anyone know of a source?

BTW this isn't for towing with a car, it's a strange design that bolts onto a boat, doesn't have the same strength requirement but does have large anticorrosion requirement.


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Grant Erwin
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Hard chrome.


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If anyone would have it, it would be boat trailer people who work with saltwater boats. Looking at, they carry at least the drawbars, balls, and couplers in stainless, but hitches are kind of a specialty item specific to vehicles that "chandlers" don't get into.

The guys at my local trailer shop would know, as they cater to the saltwater boaters:

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Based on what stainless items for boats cost, I would expect a bare stainless receiver part would be some $100s.

On eBay there are stainless hitch steps for 2" receivers, but not receivers.

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Richard J Kinch

Hey Grant.... do you go out *looking* for all these oddball requests, or what? Ken.

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Ken Sterling

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