Gunner Omniturn question

Gunner, how rough on the machine is rotary broaching on an Omniturn GT-75,
using 5C collets, broaching an internal 6 point spline of around .312
overall diameter through brass previously drilled with a pilot hole of the
proper minor diameter? How about a larger spline, around .437, through 12L14
Ledloy? The broaching would reach about 3/8" into the hole each part. I
would appreciate any comments you have on this.
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Both should be just fine, if wobble broaching. The brass should be a snap... the larger one may be approaching the limits. Be sure your holes are deep enough for the broached material to migrate to.
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The number for the Applications guy is
Randy Meyers 760-519-1276
Randy is VERY VERY good and can suggest some speeds and feeds, along with the proper tooling. He is a sweetheart of a guy and sharp as hell.
Feel free to call me at 805-732-5308
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Thank you Gunner. This will be very helpful information.
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