Hara chuck

I picked up a small Japanese bench type drill press. Good for my small
garage and a good buy even though the manufacturer only makes very
LARGE computer-controlled (so what else is new?) production machines
now, which explains my problem. Has a brand name "Hara" chuck, 13mm.
The key was obviously not made for it and while it will do the job it's
gonna eventually ruin the chuck. Any suggestions for finding a proper
key for it or should I just buy a new chuck? I'm thinking it's gonna
have to be option 2. If so, another question: I've never swapped out
a chuck before and have no clue how to do it. Can someone enlighten me
or give me a link that will help me learn? TIA.
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Measure the holes in the chuck with a caliper or a gage pin, (or something that fits snugly)
Go to your local tool store and buy the matchine chuck key.
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