Harbor Freight mill power feed

Any opinions on this unit that is on sale for $179 right now?

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``Increase milling efficiency! No more gear change hassles! Get continuous variable speed at 0 to 120 RPM, and a single high setting of 180 RPM. Provides 135 inch lbs. of torque; operates horizontally in both directions. Fits 5/8" diameter lead screws. Torque: 135 inch lbs.


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Looks like the same thing I've had on my bridgy for years. Works good for light duty use.

"The Kid" forgot the gibs were locked and engaged the unit. Stripped the plastic gear on the bottom. Cost a bit more than half the value to repair. You've been warned.


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Karl Townsend

I've put one of these on the cross feed axis of my Index mill, plenty of torque. Only complaint is a very narrow band of speed control from none to too fast. But my Servo brand on the X axis has this same problem. This unit is a half wave SCR controller. The 150 in.lbs. are full wave controllers. Just put one of these on the Z-axis knee. They have units with fuses and circuit breakers. The fuses blow way too easy. At lease on my Z-axis where I did the same thing of having the gib lock on.

This is a very good price. As I have bought these under the Align brand and the Central Machine. Same unit different paint and decals. ignator

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In my opinion, a power feed on the x-axis is almost a necessity. I had a HF power feed on my old HF mill-drill and never had a second's trouble with it. I have a better unit on my Bridgeport and once had a minor problem with it and had to do a job cranking the mill by hand... UGH!!! Then I fixed the problem and happiness again reigns...


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Jerry Foster

New server, test

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Karl Townsend

I already sheared the cross-pin once. I made the replacement pin from

1/8" brass rod, in the fond hope that it is now the weak link.

Joe Gwinn

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Joseph Gwinn

I think the weak link is the plastic gear inside.

I have one on my Bridgy and it works fine for the amount I use it. The speed control knob is a little too loosey goosey for my liking, and too too sensitive. Doesn't take much to accidentally speed up the feed and break an endmill.

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Does this unit 'drag' when you use the manual feed, or does it disconnect like the real Bridgepoort drives?

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ignator , I have an old Bridgeport round ram/overarm mill I would like to fit the HF unit to. Would you be so kind as to tell me the bearing mounting bracket hole spacings to verify with my mill? This mill has 2 lower screws 6" apart and 2 upper screws 2.5" apart and

1" vertical seperation. How does that compare? TIA, RichD, Atlanta
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